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Xpeng EPADS misses by $0.02, beats on revenue

  • Xpeng (NYSE:XPEV): Q4 Non-GAAP EPADS of -$0.15 misses by $0.02; GAAP EPADS of -$0.16 in-line.

  • Revenue of $436.99M (+345.5% Y/Y) beats by $32.38M.

  • Deliveries of vehicles grew 302.9% Y/Y to 12,964 units in Q4.

  • Deliveries of the P7 up 37.3% Q/Q to 8,527 units.

  • CEO comment: “We spearhead innovation in China’s Smart EV market by pursuing end-to-end R&D and closed-loop of data capabilities. We proudly offer our customers a revolutionary in-car voice system and smart cockpit technology, as well as XPILOT 3.0, our self-developed full-stack autonomous driving system, and we are poised to launch our LIDAR-equipped third Smart EV model in the second half of 2021."

  • Total Smart EV deliveries increased 470% Y/Y to 6,015 units in January 2021 and expanded 1,281% Y/Y to 2,223 units in February 2021.

  • Shares -4.2% PM.

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